Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The new Mass translation, and words of praise for Clifton Diocese

This is going to sound like a mini-Oscar ceremony, but here goes.

Other bloggers have reported the excellent news that the Bishops of England and Wales have decided to introduce the new, more accurate and more dignified translation of the Novus Ordo Mass in September 2011.

The purpose of my post is to praise the Diocese of Clifton in this regard, because it has already done rather well in preparing its people for the change. A series of catechetical days has been organised in various parts of the Diocese. In addition, the parish priest of my own parish has devoted a number of Sundays to speaking to us about the meaning of the various parts of the Mass. I don’t know how many other parishes in the Diocese received the same talks, but I thought it was a very good effort.

I’d also like to compliment Fr Michael Fountaine, the Director of the Diocese’s Department for Liturgy. As far back as two years ago, he delivered a most interesting talk to a group of us in the town where I live. His enthusiasm for the new translation was really heartening.

Well done to Fr Fountaine, to my parish priest, and to Clifton Diocese!

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