Monday, 10 January 2011

Christmas Flashmob: strong stomachs required

I first picked this up on Andrea Tornielli's blog, then realised it had been sourced from Gloria TV. The occasion was the Vigil Mass for Christmas 2010 at Bachinchove, in northern France. Please follow this Gloria TV link, but be warned ....

As Andrea Tornielli says, they thought they were coming to Mass, and found themselves at a disco.

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shadowlands said...

I saw this on another blog a few days ago. I'm all for praising God with tambourines and the like, at appropriate times. Getting to Mass and seeing this ,would not be what I construe as an appropriate time! It's as if they have hijacked Mass. The priest seemed to be enjoying it though. Only God sees the heart, ofcourse so who knows, maybe He saw something we didn't in their singing and 'movements.'