Monday 3 November 2014

“… Starting with the Deconstruction of the Papacy in its Current Form”

Here is an interesting article, in English, which has just been published on Chiesa, the blog of L'Espresso’s Sandro Magister. Its title is:

Ecumenism Rewritten by Enzo Bianchi and Alberto Melloni

It starts as follows:

The leaders of the “school of Bologna” have a very ambitious new project in the works: a history of the movement for Christian unity aimed at a thorough reform of the Catholic Church, starting with the dismantling of the papacy in its current form. They believe they have an ally in Pope Francis.

Please read on, following this link to the article.

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Ttony said...

it's a bit like having somebody liveblogging events in Wittenberg in 1517!

Thanks for making us aware of the link.