Saturday 9 November 2013

Choosing Life: Donating to The Good Counsel Network

May I urge you to read this extraordinary report from The Good Counsel Network, about a mother’s desperate efforts to save her baby from abortion.

At the end of the report, they make this heartfelt plea for funds:

… we are completely broke at the moment and for the most of the "40 Days for Life" campaign, our staff have had to put up with wages coming weeks late, which is more than tough when you are on a low wage and are doing very frontline work!!

Please help us to raise money to reach out to and support Mothers with Counselling, Advice, Financial help, Practical Support, Mother and Baby Goods, Housing and Friendship.
During the 40 Days for Life Campaign, the pro-abortion group 40 Days of Choice has launched a "Pi** off a Picket" Campaign (sorry!) which has raised £508 for the pro-abortion group "Education" for "Choice". We are also running a fundraising campaign, Our Lady's Pocket Fund to raise £5,000. Please support this campaign and show that Pro-Lifers Give Double during 40 Days for Life. (For other ways to donate)

God bless all my readers who have visited here during my break from blogging. My husband’s health has been of concern lately. Happily, he is recovering well, but would you be so kind as to say a prayer for him?