Thursday, 17 June 2010

A Surprisingly Comforting Platitude

Here is a platitude, and a surprisingly comforting one, when one has been jolted into appreciating it: it is that this life is only temporary.

There comes a time when health scares of one kind or another become a feature of life, always there in the background, and sometimes flaring up with all the consequent distress. Up to now, there has always been a release of that distress, a relief when tests produce a negative result. Until the next time, when the worry and the uncertainty surface again.

I know how sweet God's comfort is when the tears come, and it seems - quite vividly - as though I am resting my head on His shoulder. God is beautiful, and God is good. He is more than good: He is Goodness. It is a most strengthening thing to experience this.

After the first scare, then the second and third, a certain resilience emerges. We are beginning to seize the day; time is precious. I have started to de-clutter our house. Just in case; one never knows. Please God, may my husband and I have many more years together.

The latest worry may, once again, be no more than that. But the odd prayer, now and then, would be much appreciated.


Ttony said...

My prayers will be orthodox rather than odd, but will fly heavenwards for you!

Dorothy said...

Many thanks, Ttony. The orthodox ones will be just right!

Anonymous said...

Prayer promised.

Dorothy said...

Thank you so much, Father.

Anonymous said...

I am also praying for you.

Dorothy said...

Thank you, Bob, that's very kind.