Sunday, 11 October 2009

Traditional Latin Masses in Gloucestershire

Not everyone is fully up to speed with Summorum Pontificum; not everyone knows that the current term is the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. So I thought I would entitle this post as above, in the hope of picking up any enquiries under the older name.

Here are the details of Masses in the Extraordinary Form in Gloucestershire, according to the website of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales:

CHELTENHAM: St Gregory's, St James Square, GL50 3PR:
Thursdays at 18:00
Telephone 01242 523737 (office hours 0900-1300 Mon-Fri)

STOW-on-the-WOLD: Our Lady & St Kenelm, Back Walls, GL54 1DR:
Saturdays at 10:00
Telephone 01451 830431

PRINKNASH ABBEY (St Peter's Grange), Cranham, Gloucester, GL4 8EX:
Saturdays at 11:00
First Sunday of each month at 15:00

Telephone 01452 812455

Very occasionally it is not possible for a Mass to take place as shown. I have included the telephone numbers for those who would like to check before making the journey.

The Masses at Stow and Prinknash are shown on their respective websites. The Mass in Cheltenham is not publicised at all. If you live near Cheltenham, or have any family or friends in the area, I'd be very grateful if you could let them know about this Mass, and ask them to pass the information on to others.


Kate said...

Why is the Mass in Cheltenham not publicised?

Dorothy said...

I don't know, Kate. This was the Mass I referred to in an early post, linked here, just after I started the blog. I have communicated with those concerned, and I hope it will bear fruit.

The Mass at Cheltenham is a so-called "private" Mass, but that should not make any difference, especially since it is regular. It will be interesting to see if Rome asks the dioceses for information regarding publicity for "private" Masses to be included in their reports to be submitted three years from the implementation of Summorum Pontificum.