Saturday, 24 October 2009

Cold feet

You have dreamt of her for years; you have loved her, and she knows it.  In your mind and affections, you are united to her.  And yet, circumstances seem to have conspired against your marrying her.

Now, all that has changed.  Suddenly the things which seemed to be insurmountable obstacles, the things which made you sigh and say, “If only!”, have melted away.  She has turned to you; she has told you:  “Nothing is insuperable any more.  If, as you say, your mind and heart are truly united to me, I will marry you.”

And suddenly, you are not so sure any more.  After all, it’s a big step.  You stand to lose a number of things you have become attached to.  There may be serious financial consequences.  You will almost certainly have to move house, and you are very much attached to this place.  In short, you are beginning to have cold feet.

She is waiting for your answer.  And she loves you.  What will you do?


JARay said...
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Dorothy said...

I have received a comment which I have decided not to publish. I will however explain the meaning of my post.

This was one of a short series of posts relating to the offer made by His Holiness to the Anglicans. It dealt, in an allegorical form, with the dilemma faced by certain Anglo-Catholics at this time.