Monday, 22 July 2013

A report that Mgr Ricca has resigned

In a comment on Fr Ray Blake’s blog post concerning the Ricca affair, Deacon Augustine refers readers to a report that the Monsignor has resigned from all his posts. The report is publicised by a Swiss Catholic site, the name of which I can’t make out, and the news is said to originate from the French agency I.MEDIA. Here is my translation:

Caught by revelations about his homosexuality, Mgr Ricca is said to have presented his resignation to the Pope.

After the revelations in the Italian weekly I’Espresso about his homosexual activities, Mgr Battista Ricca, recently named prelate of the Institute for the Works of Religion (IOR), is said to have presented his resignation to Pope Francis, the I.MEDIA agency in Rome has learnt.

The Italian prelate, who spoke with the Pope on 20th July, is reported to have given up all his responsibilities at the Vatican, including the management of the guest-houses for priests in Rome. On the 18th July, L’Espresso published many details about the homosexual relationship of the prelate with a former officer of the Swiss army when he was working at the nunciature in Montevideo, from 1999 to 2001. The Vatican responded by asserting that these revelations were “unreliable”.

(I have decided not to translate the final sentence of the report.)


Dorothy B said...

Thanks for your comment, Dominic. I decided not to translate the final sentence in the article because I wanted to focus on the episode in Uruguay. It is for the same reason that I prefer not to publish the translation in your comment.

It seemed only right to inform my readers of the omission. The link is there for them to follow if they wish.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dorothy,
I am sorry that you appear to have stopped blogging. I enjoyed your posts (most of the time!)
I hope you are well.