Sunday, 28 April 2013

No Bishops to be Appointed in Scotland, Pending Investigation by Rome

Some of my overseas readers may not be aware that there are three hierarchies in the United Kingdom: one for England and Wales; one for Scotland; and one which embraces the whole of Ireland including Northern Ireland.

I certainly feel for the travails of our neighbouring hierarchies, as I do for the troubles of England and Wales.

An interesting article has appeared on the website of the Scottish newspaper The Herald. I first read it on the Scottish Catholic blog, Spirit of Teuchtar II, and it has also been picked up by GloriaTV. Do read it. There are difficult and stressful times ahead, but it’s good to see that Rome is really getting to grips with the situation.

Just to show that our bishops south of the border have more than a few things to attend to, here is a link to the talk given by Cardinal Ouellet to the Bishops of England and Wales during their Low Week visit to Rome. This will provide a good opportunity for brushing up one’s skills in reading between the lines.

I am beginning to feel rather optimistic.

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Highland Cathedral said...

The trouble with this story is that all we have to go on are reports in secular newspapers. And all they have to go on are their ‘sources’. We do not know who these sources are so we cannot evaluate them. So the newspaper reporter may be telling us what his sources told him and his sources may be telling him what has happened. That’s about as good as it gets.