Friday, 3 February 2012

The Catholic Faith as a Mini-Saga

From a comment by David under a Catholic Herald article: “Bishops to distribute cards to Catholics declaring their faith”:

These cards are a good idea. The wording is rubbish! So what's to stop a parish producing its own -similar in size and layout, but with better wording? Bearing in mind the constraints of space on a credit-card sized space, Let's have a competition on here for the best wording - leaving the top and tail alone I reckon that's about 50 words. The Catholic Faith in 50 words - now there's a challenge ..

... to which Ms Catholic state adds:

I totally agree with your last point that parishes...and in my mind individuals too....can produce and distribute cards and leaflets according to their consciences.....and distribute them where they will. The more the merrier .

Some years ago, the Daily Telegraph held a mini-saga competition. A mini-saga was a complete story, told in just 50 words. I think extra words were allowed for the title. Some of the entries were very clever. I had a go at one or two stories; not to send in, because they weren’t very good; but it was challenging and satisfying to do them. If you have ever tried writing a sonnet, your experience has probably been quite similar. The mini-saga is a sort of equivalent in prose. It forces you to pare everything down until what remains is pure, concise and essential.

I think I may try my hand at this 50-word statement of faith; but it will probably be far more difficult than it looks. Please don't expect to see the results on this blog; I'd be far too embarrassed!

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