Monday, 5 September 2011

Our first revised Sunday Mass was rather good!

This morning I sent an email to my parish priest, thanking him for leading us so well through our first Sunday Mass using the revised translation. It really went very well. Everyone seemed to be concentrating hard, determined to make a good job of it. "And also with you" crept in here and there, but that was only to be expected. Once or twice the priest struggled slightly with the different rhythm of a sentence, but he managed just fine.

There was a lovely, cheerful atmosphere in the congregation; a great spirit of unity with the celebrant, and, I thought, a sense of achievement when the Mass was completed. A gold star for all concerned!

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Mater mari said...

It went well in our parish too, Dorothy, thanks to a priest who led us firmly both in the spoken and sung responses, the latter in spite of there being no formal choir. I rejoiced in the first 'And with your spirit' but totally forgot the second before the Gospel; I shall have to concentrate more next time. As an ex-Anglican, albeit 50 years ago, I thought I would be more tempted to say 'And with thy spirit' but I at least managed to avoid that pitfall. Perhaps I should email our parish priest too; he was magnificent and deserves to know that we think so.