Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Rite of Priestly Ordination: Using the Old to Enrich the New

Here and there in the blogosphere there have been expressions of sadness that Universae Ecclesiae excludes diocesan ordinands from the opportunity to receive their priestly ordination by means of the Pontificale Romanum of 1962.

Fundamentally, under either form of the rite of priestly ordination, the Church has a new priest. Nevertheless, there is this to be considered: that a thing may usefully be illuminated from more than one angle, and from more than one source of light. While remaining itself in its entirety, not only the truth and beauty of the priesthood, but also its spiritual riches and benefits, may be brought out more intensely by lights that are shed on its various facets.

The purpose of this post is to suggest that some organisation such as Una Voce, the Latin Mass Society, or the Catholic Truth Society, might consider publishing a high-quality vernacular version of the Pontificale’s rite of priestly ordination - accompanied, naturally, by the Latin text. I believe this would provide ordinands with a fresh insight into the amazing thing that is about to happen to them. As an additional guide and aid to their prayers and meditation as they prepare for their great day, I think it could prove to be an invaluable source of enrichment.

And that enrichment is, after all, one of the great purposes of the Holy Father, in leading us on this wonderful journey.

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