Monday, 20 September 2010

Three moments of tearfulness ...

... When the Pope completed his proclamation of Cardinal Newman as Blessed.

... When those fine young seminarians at Oscott sang "Ad multos annos" as their farewell to their dear Holy Father.

... When our wonderful Pope Benedict climbed the steps to the plane that would take him safely home, after his packed and exhausting visit.

And a moment of thankfulness and relief, as the plane rose into the sky and gently disappeared into the low cloud.

Happy days, so poignant, and, please God, so rich in fruit.


Patricius said...

Only three? You got off lightly!

breadgirl said...

Hello Dorothy

Wasn't it just the most wonderful four days? Thank God for it all and for our dear Holy Father, Pope Benedict.

God bless you, Dorothy.

Dorothy said...

Thank you, Patricius and Breadgirl, for your warm and enthusiastic comments about Pope Benedict’s visit. Those days were the experience of a lifetime. Above all, I think, because of the Holy Father, who was magnificent, so gentle and at the same time so courageous, both in his manner and in his words, in the face of all the antagonism that had been directed at him. And because of the ordinary Catholics, who made such efforts to attend and to line the streets, showing a warmth of affection for him which we understand perfectly well, but which seems to have amazed the media reporters who witnessed it at close quarters.

Breadgirl, your comment has helped me to reflect on a particular aspect of the visit, in a new post, so thanks for that!