Tuesday, 23 February 2010

"Let me no wrong or idle word unthinking say"

Fr Sean Finnegan, in his Valle Adurni blog, tells us of some views he has come across in the blogosphere, which hint at a rather lofty attitude on the part of certain Anglo-Catholics to the style of worship in the average Catholic parish.

We Catholics know how awful things can be at times. We have lived through the experience of the post-Vatican II changes in the liturgy; and in many places we continue to encounter some pretty insufferable things. But bearing in mind all that we have endured since the 1960s, it would be very hard in addition to have to put up with having sticks poked at us by a few of those towards whom the Holy Father, and so many of us, entertain only the most fraternal and welcoming of thoughts.

The blogosphere encourages hastiness. Let us assume, then, that those writing in such a fashion have succumbed to the same temptation that seems to afflict so many users of the internet: of transmitting views on their computers which they would not dream of expressing either face to face or in a letter; and which, if they reflect more carefully, they would heartily repudiate. I have in mind here not only the writers to whom Fr Finnegan refers, but also to some “Roman” blog-commenters.

Let us follow this Anglicanorum Coetibus process day by day, with patience and joy. Our Lord has taught us to ask for our daily bread, for the strength and resources we need to journey through these times step by step. It may help to recall the words of the hymn we used to sing as children, which perhaps we should sing more often as adults:

Let me no wrong or idle word
Unthinking say;
Set Thou a seal upon my lips,
Just for today.


breadgirl said...

Good morning Dorothy
This is not only a lovely post, it is also thoughtful, well stated and very wise. We certainly should all think and pray before blogging. What we post goes out for all the world to read and that is a great responsibility! It is something worth bearing in mind! Thank you for the gentle reminder.

I enjoy your blog very much. God bless you Dorothy.

Dorothy said...

Thank you, Breadgirl. your comment is very much appreciated.