Thursday, 10 September 2009

Regarding the Sedia Gestatoria ...

The first photograph above was taken at Pentecost 2008, on my behalf, by a young man who was able to see only because, like very many others, he was standing on his chair. I could see nothing at all.

In St Peter's Square, too, the same thing happens. Even though the Holy Father stands on the Popemobile, the only chance of seeing him properly is to be behind people of my own age-range, who are as unwilling as I am to risk breaking a bone.

If they were to re-introduce it, they would certainly have to modify things; what was considered appropriate to the Pope's dignity in times gone by ( particularly the fans) would surely be regarded as flamboyant now. There would be a danger of derision.

Dignified visibility should be the guiding principle. I am sure this could be achieved, to the benefit of all those attending.

These thoughts are prompted by the interesting post on Fr Finigan's blog:
(If any reader would be kind enough to give me a brief "idiot's guide" to creating a link, I'd be very grateful. One minute I can manage to create it, and the next minute the knowledge has flown out of my head.)


berenike said...

How to make a link:

write something in here (that will be the visible part of the link)<*/a>

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Or, in blogger, when writing a post, there is probably a button looking something like a link, or two links, from a chain. Press it and see what happens. (Or highlight some text and press the button).

Dorothy said...

Thank you, Berenike - very good of you. I have printed this and put it in my file of helpful guidance.

berenike said...

Erk - check first what works! 8-0

but you are welcome - I hope it is some use!