Monday, 29 June 2009

Vatican II and the SSPX: Discussions set to begin

Two linked problems of the greatest importance are, at long last, about to be tackled: the interpretation of the Second Vatican Council, and the position of the Society of St Pius X in regard to it. The following recent articles have caught my attention: from Fr Finigan's blog -

- all of which is of great interest; and from the Rorate Caeli blog - - , the text of an interview with Fr Schmidberger of the SSPX, posted on June 25 and entitled "Important Interview". (There is probably a way to link directly to this, but I'm afraid don't know how to do that yet.)

In response to some quite no-holds-barred questions from the journalist, Fr Schmidberger provides straightforward information, among which is this:

KNA: What should the theological dialogue between the society and Rome regarding the council look like?

Schmidberger: As far as the external form goes, it could be both oral or written, but primarily it should be written. We have selected representatives from our side and Rome also has chosen its people. The discussions will consider: what is ambiguous in the council? What contradicts the traditional doctrine of the Church?

It looks as if things have come to the crunch. Facts must be faced about the state of the Church and the weakening of Her message since the Council. Let us hope that good things are achieved from this dialogue.

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